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Roaring Twenties and Great Depression

C.T and N.A

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      6 7 8            
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4.There was a great demand to build them. Decreases the rate of unemployment in EEUU. High-rise buildings
8.massification of buying and selling them
9.musical style that was developed with great force
10.in the 20's is the rise of the film industry. Its largest industry is
12.economic crisis longer and deeper. Affection many countries
13.global provider of goods and capital
18.stands for the Olympic Games that become important in the era
20.change in women during the Roaring 20's. exaggerated sensuality. Use of...
21.largest manufactures of cars that dominated in united estates
22.in the Roaring 20 is released mainly customs and sexuality. Giving rise to the creation of ...
23.country that suffered the loss of global economic hegemony
24.sport in 1930 results in the first world championship. becoming the first major international sporting spectacle
25.banking system that created a wave of consumption. Allows long-term buy everything
1.New York street where be the bag of united states
2.day on which caused a economic panic
3.period when money loses its value and power adquisitivo
5.comic movie masterpieces of the 20's. Actor greatest exponent...
6.measures taken by other countries to face the crisis
7.communication tool that became popular, to be available to all
11.Most countries had. Favored the United States to be the receiver of them ..
14.Reform that begins to end the Great Depression
15.name given to the crash of October 29
16.United States has the world's largest reserves of ...
17.in the 20 U.S. industry created the great genres of art. In the cinema be the movie of 1933 ...
19.month in which the economic system collapses in United States and world

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