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The Good Shepherd - John Chapter 13

Milwood Church of Christ

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1.What does a good shepherd lay down for his sheep? (vs. 11) (2 Words)
3.Jesus refers to Himself as what? (vs. 7) (2 Words)
4.What does a shepherd take care of? (vs. 1)
5.Who would run away if a wolf would come for the sheep? (vs. 12) (2 Words)
8.Who is the Good Shepherd? (vs. 11)
9.When Jesus draws all sheep together, they will become _____ _______. (vs. 16) (2 Words)
2.Who will the sheep not follow? (vs. 5)
3.If someone tries to enter the sheepfold other than throgh the gate, what is he? (vs. 1)
4.If we enter the sheepfold through Jesus, we will be ________. (vs. 9)
5.How do the sheep know the shepherd? (vs. 4) (2 Words)
6.Jesus said, "I have _________ to lay down my life and take it up again." (vs. 18)
7.When the shphered goes ahead of the sheep, what do the sheep do? (vs. 4)

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