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Matter and Energy

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science Gr 2 2005 chp 9 & 10

1 2
4 5                    
7           8 9        
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16             17              

5.how warm something is
7.a state of matter that takes the shape of its container
9.the amount of matter in an object
10.to bounce off an object
11.something that gives off heat when it burns
12.a kind of energy that can change matter’s state
16.to change the size or shape of matter
18.anything that takes up space and has mass
19.how high or how low a sound is
1.a kind of energy that you hear
2.when matter changes into different matter
3.when light bends as it passes through something
4.a state of matter that has a shape of its own
6.to move back and forth
8.the amount of space that a thing takes up
13.something that tells you about an object
14.a state of matter that spreads out to fill its container
15.what makes matter move or change
17.a kind of energy that lets us see

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