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Dr. Reimer

This exercise is designed to go with Chaptrer 20 of Civics Today

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1.the desire, willingness and ability to purchase a good or service
5.the concept that people are normally willing to buy less of a product if the price is high and more of it if the price is low (3 Words)
7.the total demand of all consumers for a product or service (2 Words)
8.product often used with another product
9.amount of satisfaction one gets from a good or service
10.measure of the responsiveness relating change in quantity demand to a change in the price (2 Words)
2.decreasing satisfaction or usefulness as additional units of a product are acquired. (3 Words)
3.a competing product that consumers use in place of another
4.downward sloping line that shows the quantities demanded at each possible price (2 Words)
6.table showing quantities demanded at different possible prices (2 Words)

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