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In Case You're Bored

1         2 3 4 5 6
  7                       8
10                 11 12
    14                         15
  16 17          
          19 20        
22   23                          
    25 26            
  27           28     29        
30           31                         32
33   34          
  36 37         38          
    39       40
42           43        

1.Erica's favorite anime, based on the life of an air monk with a blue arrow on his bald little head
7.An old Cartton Network show featuring Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Mojo Jojo (2 Words)
10.Ash's first Pokemon
14.Female lead singer of Paramore (2 Words)
18.The hole/bump on your tummy is referred to as a... (2 Words)
20.Katniss's boyfrannnd.
23.Author of the Twilight series (2 Words)
24.Hardest natural substance on Earth
26.The ethnicity of most people at this recital.
27.Most famous Hayao Miyazaki animated film featuring a giant, grey, bear-resembling animal with magical powers and an infatuation with acorns
29.Shape of the Nike logo
30.Most populated city in the world
31.This year's American Idol winner (2 Words)
33.The longest river on Earth.
36.A staple ingredient in traditional Korean food. Also the color of Ron Weasley's hair.
38.Iris's favorite anime. Also a chemical used to lighten the color of your hair.
39.Erica's birthday month!
42.Amy likes to walk around the house without this item of clothing
43.The name of the Shim family dog (spelled with an"i" at the end)
44.Another instrument that Erica plays (not baritone. the other one.)
2.Daddy Shim's first name
3.Spanish for "no"
4.The girl Tom falls in luuuuurve with in the Adventures of Tom Sawyer (2 Words)
5.This is a mammal also known as a homosapien
6.Number of minutes it takes to for Erica to eat an entire chicken (2x3)
8.The test all rising juniors are studying for (also the past tense of sit)
9.Iris's birthday month
11.A musical later made into a movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (hint: Summer lovinnn!)
12.The brunette version of Peach wearing a yellow dress.
13.The guy who plays Harry Potter (2 Words)
15.Spanish for "yes"
16.The insturment clarinet (and Amy!) plays
17.Amy's birthday month!
19.1999 science fiction action film about a computer stimulation that is programmed into our brains. Erica loves this movie. She is such a geek. (hint: the first word is "the") (2 Words)
21.The name of Mr. Krab's daughter
22.Obama's first name
25.mass times acceleration
28.Ben Kenobi's real name
32.Iris's favorite sport
34.A baby sheep is caled a....
35.Bone in your butt. Rhymes with Elvis.
37.Elmo has seven goldfish. Erica ate three. Caculate the mass of the sun.
40.the taller, skinner, greener version of Mario
41.The color of Yoda's lightsaber

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