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Organization of the Human Body

Liz Garcia

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4.membranous organelles that store water, nutrients, minerals or waste products
6.an organisational level composed of various types of tissues that perform similar functions
8.an organisational level composed of one or more types of atoms
11.membranous organelle that stores endoplasmic reticulum products and transports substances to the outside of the cell
12.a membrane enclosed envelope that contains the cell's genetic information
13.organisational level composed of various organ systems and apparatus that function together
15.long, whip-like projections on a cell used for motility
16.a bi-lipid layer composed of lipids and proteins that separates the inside of a cell from its environment
18.an organisational level composed of various types of cells that perform similar functions
22.a compound of DNA fibers associated to histone proteins
24.a spherical portion inside the nucleus formed by DNA and proteins. Location of ribosome synthesis.
25.an organisational level composed of various types of organs that perform similar functions
26.the smallest level of organisation
27.a type of tissue that makes up a variety of physical structures including tendons, ligaments, adipose tissues
1.an organisational level composed of subatomic particles
2.a membranous organelle that may have attached ribosomes. Stores, synthesises and transports lipids and proteins.
3.a type of cell that has its genetic information surrounded by a membrane
5.a jelly-like substance inside the cell that holds all the organelles
7.molecular compound synthesised in ribosomes
8.a type of tissue that contracts and relaxes
9.a type of tissue that covers and protects external or internal body surfaces or that forms glands
10.a type of tissue that transmits signals inside an organism
14.short, eyelash-like projections on a cell used for motility or sensory functions
16.two perpendicular cylinders that organise the cytoskeleton and chromosome alignment during cellular division
17.a membranous organelle with the function of cellular respiration
19.membranous organelles that contain digestive enzymes into simple substances that can be recycled by the cell
20.tiny units made of RNA and protein where proteins are synthesised
21.an organisational level composed of various types of molecules
23.the cell's genetic information composed of tightly wound chromatin in the form of chromosomes

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