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4   5
  6 7            
8         9    

2.You study the poem Mid Summer Nights Dream from shakespeare
3.Something the teacher gives you if you hand your homework in late!
7.Where you would record your homework in. It is the same has a homework diary but goes like this p_____r
8.A sport that you would have to run very fast in
10.An object that can be designer which holds your books and pencil case in
11.Work you normally have to do at home after a lesson
12.You use numbers and occasionaly letters with these symbols + - = x
13.A subject that you can mix chemicals in
1.A fun activity we do in year 7 which normally involves on going on trips on FRIDAY
4.Shortened version of Southend Highschool for Girls with no spaces, dots or small letters.
5.Something you have to do before a test
6.Where you would dance the night away
9.Most fairy tales have a princess stuck up in a _____

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