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Sea Lions

1 2             3
5       6        
    8             9
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18                     19
        20 21    

2.What is the covering of a sea lion's ears?
4.This is like a chocolate bar for a sea lion
5.We have hands. Sea lions have__________.
7.Another enemy of sea lions.
8.The sea lion uses this to hold things on their nose.
10.A sea lion have rotating ______to help it move.
13.This is how Pablo can hide in the dark murky waters.
14.We have hair. The sea lions have______.
18.This shows the sea lion is born alive.
20.The sea lion is not the same as a _______.
1.The best sense of a sea lion.
2.The sea lions do this to keep in shape.
3.They do this to reach speeds as high as 40km/hr.
6.Our male sea lion's name is _______________..
9.An enemy of sea lions.
11.A baby sea lion is a _______.
12.They climb these to escape predators.
13.A male sea lion has this bump on his head.
15._______________is our youngest sea lion.
16.We have to do this R to keep our environment free from garbage.
17.This is when we look over the animals's body to check their health.
18.Their teeth turn this color from the oil in their fish.
19.Clara can scratch herself with these on her flippers.
21.The favorite thing for sea lions to do.

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