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Christina Geairn

Review of chapter 12...gender

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1.a group or society in which women have power over men
6.one's definition of self as a man or women (2 Words)
10.process of which men and women learn the expectations associated with their sex (2 Words)
11.used to refer to biological identity as male or female
14.bring justice, fairness, and equity to all women, regardless of their race, class, age, sexual orientation through beliefs and actions
2.fear and hatred of homosexuality
3.pattern where workers are seperated into different jobs on the basis of social characteristics such as gender and race (2 Words)
4.distribution of women and men in different jobs in the labor force (2 Words)
5.negative and unequal treatment of the members of some social group
6.socially learned expectations and behaviors associated with members of each sex
7.a popular concept that refers to the limits that women and minorities experience in job mobility (2 Words)
8.a group or society in which men have power over women
9.practices and beliefs in which women are controlled and exploited because of the significant differences between the sexes
12.a belief system that tries to explain and justify the status quo
13.A federal law that prohibits gender discrimination in any educational institution that recieves federal funds (2 Words)

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