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Nurse Sharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks

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7 8              
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2.All sharks are excellent________.
5.The Black tip feeds the 2-4 young inside the mother's ______.
8.The ____nurse sharks are larger than the males.
10.Although they have small eyes, they have excellent _____.
11.This adaptation is a tiny hole which pushes water over the gills.
13.Sharks have a____sense to detect electrical fields.
14.They simply use this power to suck up their prey.
16.Both nurse sharks and black tip reef are found in_____waters.
20.They are mostly found on the ocean______.
21.Nurse sharks grow to be an____ at 8 years of age.
1.Females lay these inside their body.They incubate them for 6 months,
3.This menas they are awake at night.
4.They have jelly filled pores in their _____to detect the heartbeat of animals.
6.These are whisker-like projections on the snout to feel along the ocean floor
7.They are part of the carpet family of sharks.
9.They rest in ____ of 40.
11.The nurse shark is related to the________.
12.The Black tip will eat this animal thathas many, many long legs.
15.Black tip Reef sharks are found in the Eastern Mediterranean______.
17.They will give birth to 20 to 30 fully developed ______.
18.This is one of the animals eaten. It has a shell and rhymes with yam.
19.They have a shovel shaped ____ to overturn rocks in search of food.
22.The Black Tip Reef shark will corral and ______their prey into a tight ball

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