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Terms from SoE Books 1 & 2

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1.Distance between two notes
5.Collection of pitches arranged from lowest to highest, or highest to lowest
7.Short lines used to extend the staff (really high or really low notes) (2 Words)
9.Gradually speed up
13.Scale of half steps (2 Words)
16.Tempo: Slow
17.Tempo: Majestically
20.Tempo: Moderately slow
22.Indicates the number of beats in each bar (2 Words)
23.Dynamic: Moderately soft (2 Words)
24.Tempo: Light and lively; slightly slower than Allegro
26.A musical thought or sentence
27.Lines and spaces on which music is written
31.Gradually play softer
36.A note that comes before the first full bar (2 Words)
37.Play as smoothly as possible
40.Dynamic: Loud
41.Dynamic: Very loud
42.Curved line that connects two notes of the same pitch
43.Everyone plays the same notes and rhythms
44.Go back to the beginning and play until Fine
45.Two or more different notes played or sung at the same time
46.Marks the end of the music (2 Words)
2.G clef; is ready by the higher sounding instruments, such as flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn and mallet percussion (2 Words)
3.Sign telling you to take a breath (2 Words)
4.Tempo: Moderate speed
5.A dot placed above or below a note, meaning to play short and detached
6.Tempo: Quick and lively
8.Sharps or flats stated right after the clef. Changes certain notes throughout a piece of music (2 Words)
10.Part of the section plays the top notes and part of the section plays the bottom notes
11.raises the pitch of a note by half a step
12.Notes of a chord played one at a time
13.A less important melody that can be played along with the main melody
14.Curved line that connects two or more notes of different pitches
15.A repeated musical idea which has been slightly changed in some way from the original theme.
18.Gradually slow down
19.Dynamic: Very soft
21.Attack the note louder
25.A sharp, flat or natural sign beside a note that is not in the key signature
27.One person plays
28.Lowers the pitch of a note by half a step
29.Divides the music staff into measures (2 Words)
30.Dynamic: Moderately loud (2 Words)
32.Dynamic: Soft
33.Everyone plays
34.Gradually play louder
35.Hold the note or rest longer than its usual value
38.A line placed above or below a note, meaning to sustain for the full value
39.Two or more pitches sounded at the same time

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