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Muscles of the Arms & Hands

Lily Zerkle

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1.Muscles in the palm that act to bring the thumb toward the fingers (2 Words)
4.Triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint, allows the arm to extend outward
7.Muscles of the chest that assist the swinging movements (2 Words)
10.Broad flat superficial muscle covering the back of the neck & upper middle region of the back (2 Words)
11.Extensor muscles of the wrist
12.Muscle producing the contour of the front and inner side of the upper arm
13.Muscle that covers the back of the neck also the upper and middle region of the back
14.Large muscle that covers the entire back of the upper are & extends the forearm
2.Muscle of the chest that assists in breathing and raising the arm (2 Words)
3.Muscle of the forearm that rotates the radius outward and the palm upward
5.Muscles that straighten the wrist, hand and fingers to form a straight line.
6.Muscles that turns the hand inward to the palm faces downward
8.Separates the fingers
9.Muscles at the base of each finger that draw the fingers together

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