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Assistance Lifecycle Crossword Puzzle

Diane R. Bublak

This puzzle contains some of the key terms associated with the Assistance Lifecycle as it pertains to USAID.

1   2                 3   4 5 6
7         8  
  9       10          
11   12 13 14   15           16    
19             20                                
21                 22              
24   25 26           27 28      
  32           33   34    
36                 37                  
      38 39              
40                     41       42
  44 45 46   47                
        49   50           51        
52   53              
        54       55              
58                 59      

1.Not exceeding the limit prescribed of a prudent person
9.Defense Contract Audit Agency (abv)
11.Automated Directives Systems (abv)
16.Circulated to all Mission officers (abv)
17.Second phase assistance lifecycle
18.Agreement Officer Representative (abv)
19.Issue that must be in all USAID funded activities
20.Applicable to good
21.If limited in any way, exceptions must be cited
26.Estimated of resources and projected costs (abv)
28.Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directive (abv)
29.Fifth phase assistance lifecycle
30.Estimating method using historical data
32.Used to support a vareity of creative approaces (abv)
34.Office of Management and Budget (abv)
35.Entity receiving a grant
36.Estimating method projecting costs on the bottom line
37.Meeting with unsuccessful applicants
38.Past Performance Information Retrieval System (abv)
40.Third phase assistance lifecycle
41.Visits to the recipients performance location
43.Global Acquisition and Assistance System (abv)
47.Adherence to moral and ethical principles
48.Actual or potential ability to perform, yield, or withstand
49.Fringe benefits, overhead, and G&A costs
51.Registration does not apply to this type of PVO
53.Fourth phase assistance lifecycle
54.Supports a program with very specific elements (abv)
55.Final step in the administration phase
56.Requires a duty to accomplish the goal
57.Negoitated Indirect Cost Rate Agreements (abv)
58.a brief statement of all funding opportuntities
59.Analysis to determine reasonableness
2.Suspect financial non-compliant
3.Person temporariliy residing in a foreign country
4.POP must not exceed three years
5.Selection plan defining evaluating competitive applications
6.Substantial involvement
7.Used when the intent is to provide assitance (abv)
8.How frequently APS is published
10.Notification to alert Legistative and Public when awards are made
12.Aim or purpose
13.Comprehensive package of reforms
14.Manager who prepares the Results Oriented Program Description
15.Mandatory impact considerations
22.Report capturing resolution and controversial matters
23.Defines the Goal (abv)
24.AOR must be appointed in
25.Estimating method that adjusts costs of a previous instrument
27.Identify Key
31.Report describing project lessons learned
32.The Project Document that indicates project design complete
33.Officer authorized to obligate the government
39.First phase assistance lifecycle
42.Preferred estimating method
44.Type of research used to increase competition
45.A&A document describing the choice of instruments
46.Financial assistance to accomplish a public purpose
50.Labor and material costs
52.Fixed obligation grants (abv)

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