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Various Muscles of the Body

Lily Zerkle

definitions will include origins, insertions or actions

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3.Separate slips of muscle arising from the sacrum, crest of the ilium, spinous processes, transverse processes and ribs
6.Extends the hip, laterally rotates high, origin is the back of the ilium along the sacroiliac joint (2 Words)
9.Flexes the thigh, aids slightly in lateral rotation. Insertion is the inside top of the femur
13.Problems with this muscle often affect the sciatic nerve. Origin is the front of the sacrum, insertion is the top of the femur
15.The insertion is the bottom edge of 12th rib, transverse processes of the upper four lumbar vertebrae (2 Words)
19.Extends the forearm, the insertion is the ulna below the elbow
20.Flexes the knee and hip. Rotates the thigh internally. The origin is the front point of the illium
1.The insertion is the top of the humerus, shoulder joint capsule
2.Violent whiplash movements can cause injury to these muscles. Origin is the top of the sternum and first third of clavicle
4.Laterally rotates the humerus. Also slightly adducts and extends. (2 Words)
5.The insertion is the inside of the femur from the hip to the knee
7.A broad sheet of tendon originating from the spinous processes the the six lower thoracic and the five lumbar vertebrae; also the posterior crest of the ilium (2 Words)
8.The insertion is via the Achillies tendon, into the heel bone
10.Origin is the outer side of the leg, attached to the fibula (2 Words)
11.Insertion is either side of the tibia, at the back
12.Plantar flexion of the foot, the origin is the back of the femur, just above the knee
14.There are four main divisions of these muscles and the origin is the ribs, while the insertion of the upper edges of ilium and pubic bones.
16.Laterally rotates the humerus. Origin is the edge of the scapula closest to the arm (2 Words)
17.Abducts the scapula
18.The origin is the lower edge of the pubic bone while the insertion is the upper part of the inside of the tibia

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