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4th of July

DM Motivators

Independence Celebration Puzzle

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9.who approved the Declaration of Independence? (3 Words)
11.the height of the statue of Liberty (5 Words)
13.What does red on our flag stand for?
14.who gave us the statue of Liberty?
15.who wrote the National Anthem? (3 Words)
16.what city was the declaration signed in?
18.What does the blue on our flag stand for?
19.who has the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence? (2 Words)
21.what hall houses the Liberty bell?
23.who sewed the 1st flag? (2 Words)
1.how much americans spend on fireworks each year (5 Words)
2.What is our national bird? (2 Words)
3.who was king when we claimed our independence? (3 Words)
4.what nationality created fireworks?
5.this many people have cook outs on the 4th of July (3 Words)
6.how many people signed the declaration of independence? (2 Words)
7.where is the liberty bell?
8.what is the national Motto? (4 Words)
10.what is the name of our National Anthem? (3 Words)
12.who wrote the pledge of allegiance? (2 Words)
17.what does white on the flag stand for?
20.150 million of these are consumed each year on the 4th of July (2 Words)
22.the stars were in a circle on the 1st flag to signify what about the colonies?

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