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Unit Three (Ch 5 & 6) Review

Social Psychology

1 2                      
3     4
        6                           7
        8 9    
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2.make plans and execute decisions
6.act of thinking about ourselves
10.tendency to view one's behavior as caused by compelling external reasons; underestimation of internal reasons
12.____ of effort; increased liking for something worked hard for
13.self-awareness _____: evaluate and compare own behavior to our internal standards and values
14.looking inward and examines own thoughts, feelings, and motives
16.___-___ rewards given for a task regardless of how well it is done
17.content of the self; knowledge about who we are
20.adopting another person's attitude
21.this culture see themselves through eyes of other people; chronic state of self-awareness
22.their (____-____) two-factor theory of emotion
23.___ generated attitude change: results from thinking about one's own reason for attitudes
1.demonstrated by
2.try to put our best foot forward to ourselves
3.illusion as a result of lowballing
4.the men on the shaky bridge experienced a ____ of arousal
5.described by Charles Cooley
7.cognitive _____: discomfort, inconsistent behavior and attitudes
8.when ambiguous, infer one's state by observing behavior and situation in which it occurs
9.women have more ___ interdependence
11.___ view of the self; defining oneself in terms of one's own internal thoughts, feelings, and actions
15.flattery to make themselves likable
18.attempts to ___ self: getting drug, binge eating, sexual masochism
19.___ theories: about causes of one's own behavior; not always correct

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