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I Believe Crossword Puzzle

Fill in the boxes bellow by answering the questions corresponding to each number.

1 2 3
  4   5                  
6       7  
13               14  

5.To bring the gospel to the arena of our sociopolitical life.
8.Another name for the Bible.
10.Refers to a person who speaks for God and receives divine guidance.
11.Characteristic of Theology wherein the message of the Bible is expressed using cultural resources.
13.Greek term for a period of crisis, in which a person has to make a historical decision.
15.In order for us to grow, we need to live in a _________.
16.A relationship with one significant other which makes us want to become better or to transcend to the person that we are.
18.We can only be this if we have faith and hope.
19.Means befriending our bodies and respecting them, with all their assets and imperfections.
20.Good news of Christianity.
1.Through these, we can discipline our bodies.
2.the world-wide gathering of the Catholic Church Church called by Pope John XXIII.
3.Developed a method in consciousness-raising.
4.Essential characteristic of our becoming human together with others.
6.An essential dimension of our being and of our becoming human.
7.Introduced a new way of reflection in his meetings with the Young Christian Workers.
9.Also called value centers.
12.In the Bible, God is portrayed as ________.
14.Search for meaning, the meaning of things, the meaning of life, the meaning of our life.
17.To bring into a dialogue the student's experiences with their Judaeo-Christian Tradition.

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