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Ch 10-11

1 2 3 4
  5   6                     7
8                 9    
11   12        

6.a saturated ring hydrocarbon containing 6 carbons in its molecule
8.macromolecules (large molecules) made by reaction of monomers (small molecules) containing a double bond (alkenes)
14.saturated hydrocarbons containing a ring structure
15.hydrocarbons having at least one double bond in their molecule
16.reactions in which two atoms or group of atoms are added to a double bond
17.hydrocarbons having only single bonds between carbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen atoms
18.a benzene ring having a hydroxyl group attached to it
19.compounds having same molecular formula but different arrangement of atoms
1.a saturated hydrocarbon containing 3 carbons in its molecule
2.an unsaturated hydrocarbon containing one double bond in its molecule
3.a benzene ring having a methyl group attached to it
4.compounds having at least one atom other than carbon as part of the ring structure
5.a substitution reaction in which a hydrogen atom in an alkane is replaced by a halogen atom
7.carbon-based molecules
9.hydrocarbons containing a benzene ring or a derivative of a benzene ring in their molecule`
10.hydrocarbons having at least one triple bond in their molecule
11.a geometric isomer having the substituents on the same side of the ring plane
12.reaction in which a molecule of water is added to a double bond in an alkene
13.an unsaturated ring hydrocarbon containing two double bonds in its molecule

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