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HM Terminology

Van Zyl

Terminology Revision

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1.What is added to a drink when it is served neat?
3.What item that resembles cheese, is a good replacement for meat when you are vegetarian?
5.A shellfish soup with cream, sometimes brandy is added
7.Name the most well-known “blue cheese”
8.I make small pancakes from buckwheat and wheat flour to serve the smoked salmon on, what am I making?
11.What is the term used for what we smell?
12.What is the Latin name for the Bell Pepper?
16.Name the Italian soup made from whole pieces of vegetables, tomato base and when served the waitron should offer parmesan cheese to accompany the soup.
18.Spanish cold soup with tomato, cucumber, garlic, onion, red pepper, etc.
21.Cocktail made with tequila, Cointreau, and lemon juice
24.Which fruit is most commonly eaten in a salad?
25.Which vegetable other than potato is used in moussaka?
28.What is the soup called that has boiled fish and seafood in a strong broth?
29.What meat will you be serving when your customer orders cordon bleu
30.When you taste red wine, there is sometimes a distinct dryness on the inside of your lower lip, what is this called?
31.I used Cajun spice, add black pepper and herbs to a steak, what do I call this method?
33.Science or art of good eating and drinking.
35.Which expensive vinegar is aged in wooden barrels?
39.The wine that I taste has a distinct mushroom smell. What can be wrong with the wine?
41.Which cheese is used to make tiramisu?
42.What name is given to the Spanish drink that consists of sweetened red wine and lemonade or soda water and decorated with fruit?
43.(Fr) Dainties, e.g. fruits dipped in chocolate, or petit fours, often served at the end of a meal with coffee.
44.What is the name of a fortified wine, flavoured with herbs?
45.What drink will be served in a snifter?
2.Trolley used for cooking at a table
4.What is another name for Lady Fingers?
6.What is the name of the thick Mexican dip made mainly out of Avocado?
8.Mixing a various wine from different cultivars together
9.Name the famous Greek condiment containing mainly yoghurt and cucumber.
10.Translate Beurre
13.When referring to the harvest, what is the term used on the wine bottle?
14.Name the Spanish sausage often used in the preparation of Paelle
15.Small pasta dumplings made from potato or semolina
17.Which 12-letter word is a fish roe pate where every other letter is an A?
19.French for Mushroom
20.If I make mayonnaise and add garlic, what would I be making?
22.What do I pay when I want to take my own bottle of wine to a restaurant?
23.2. I am preparing a Greek dish, with several layers of pastry, stuffed with different types of nuts, cutting it baking it and drizzling it with syrup, what dessert will I be making?
25.Which herb is used with pine nuts, garlic and parmesan to make Pesto sauce?
26.From what fruit is the French cordial syrup of grenadine made?
27.What is the only rock that is edible to man?
32.Which cut of meat (beef) was knighted?
34.What is the correct word for “Game Meat”
36.Which vegetable can be oyster, chestnut or shitaki?
37.Name the favourite Italian dessert which contains different types of ice cream and candied fruit.
38.What is converted into alcohol during fermentation?
40.Name the rice used for Risotto:

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