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Celebrity Singers/Band Crossword

Gabriel John Coombs

Figure out which Celebrity Singers or band fit in the spaces.

1 2
  8                             9  
    12             13  

3.A Celebrity band who sings Adrenaline, Bully, and Unity
7.A Celebrity Singer that sings Let it rock, I made it, and welcome to the world
8.A Celebrity Singer who sings Invincible, and Wild boy
11.A Celebrity band who sings Unstoppable, Blame, and Problem
12.A Celebrity Singer who sings Whistle, Good Feeling, and Wild Ones
14.A celebrity band that sings Burn it to the ground, When we stand together, and This means war
1.A Celebrity Singer who sings Written in the stars, Pass out, and Frisky
2.A Celebrity band who sings War of change, We are, and Down
4.A Celebrity Singer that sings Rolling in the deep, Take it all, and set fire to the rain
5.A Celebrity band that sings Hero, Monster, and Awake and Alive
6.A Celebrity band that sings What makes you beautiful, I wish, and taken
9.A Celebrity Singer who sings Bad Romance, Telephone, and Marry the Night
10.A Celebrity Singer who sings Party Rock Anthem, Shots, and Sexy and I know it {Need the abrievated version of the singer}
13.A Celebrity band that sings Shoot to Thrill, Skies on Fire, and Big Jack

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