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#106.02 Home Safety Inspection

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.Stay on one floor at a time. Start on the floor you entered, and then move to upper floors or the basement. Finish with a general outside ____
6.Not more than ___ personnel will do the walk through inspection
8.This service is to inform and educate residents of potential _____ in their homes
10.Introduce members making the inspection. If a three member company have one member stay with the _____
12.A flashlight and tape measure are the minimum _____ required for an inspection
13.After the inspection is done, fill out a inspection statistics worksheet form and turn it over to the Assistant Chief of ___-_
2.The _____ in charge will go over the inspection findings with the owner and ask if they have any questions. A copy of the inspection will be left with the owner
3.There are no legal statutes that bind the home-owner to our recommendations or findings, compliance is strictly _____
4.The walk through inspection will be with the resident and our personnel should always stay in the presence of the _____
5.This activity will be done at the _____ level, (at least two personnel).
7.Using the check sheet, start a systematic _____. Try to stay within the guidelines of the check sheet
9.This activity is part of the Districts _____ Service Plan
11.Explain the voluntary compliance and that this is a service to enhance their home ____

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