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The Civil Rights Movement

Dr. Reimer

This is designed to go with Chapter 24

14 15                                    
  16   17 18                      

2.movement included a large rally, marches, and demands to the City of Chicago (2 Words)
7.name given to a group of people that traveled to the south in 1961 to protest the South’s refusal to integrate bus terminals (2 Words)
8.ax that must be paid in order to cast your vote (2 Words)
11.First Afrtican American Supreme Court Justice (2 Words)
12.organization set up by W.E.B. DuBois to work toward the acceptance and advancement of African Americans
13.Segregation by custom and tradition (3 Words)
14.Doctrine established by the 1896 Supreme Court Case Plessy v. Ferguson
17.an African-American revolutionary leftist organization active in the United States from 1966 until 1982 (2 Words)
19.— served for 21 years as the mayor and undisputed Democratic boss of Chicago and is considered by historians to be the "last of the big city bosses (3 Words)
21.— a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed major forms of discrimination (5 Words)
22.a motion which closes debate and calls for an immediate vote, possible in the US Senate by a vote of 60 senators
1.African-American civil rights organization (4 Words)
3.is an African-American civil rights activist and Baptist minister (2 Words)
4.Trinidadian-American black activist active in the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement (2 Words)
5.prejudice or discrimination against someone because of his or her race
6.an attempt to kill a bill by having a group of senators take turns speaking continuously so that a vote cannot take place
9.American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement (5 Words)
10.the mobilization of the political and economic power of African Americans (2 Words)
15.was an African-American civil rights and human rights activist beginning in the 1930s. (2 Words)
16.charismatic advocate of black separatism who rejected Martin Luther King, Jr.'s policies of non-violence (2 Words)
18.De facto plaintiff in the Brown v Board of Ed Case (2 Words)
20.protest involving occupying seats or sitting down on the floor of an establishment

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