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How Science Works

1 2        
  3 4
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8 9                        
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1.Error that is always present…effect reduced by taking more measurements.
5.Describes your results if someone else does the experiment and gets the same results.
9.Higher and lower interval acceptable for a true value, often a percentage.
10.A variable that must be kept constant to ensure a fair test.
11.The smallest change that can be detected and measured.
12.Variable which you change in an experiment.
15.A statement of what the result of an experiment would be.
18.Visual way of showing continuous variables. (2 Words)
20.Data which has shown to be valid.
21.The measurements or results collected from the experiment.
22.An experiment that only allows the independent variable to affect the dependent variable. (2 Words)
24.Categoric, Continuous, Control, Independent and Dependent are types of these.
26.The result obtained in an ideal experiment. (2 Words)
27.The maximum and minimum values of a variable.
2.A result which is close to the true value.
3.Consistent error due to equipment or design of experiment.
4.The variable you need to measure during an experiment.
6.Marking a scale on an instrument and/or testing it’s accuracy.
7.A proposal or idea intended to explain a fact or observation.
8.A variable that can be measured numerically.
13.The quantity between readings.
14.Visual way of representing categoric data.
16.Describes your results if you get the same ones in a second or third experiment.
17.A type of variable that has a label e.g. colour, type of metal.
19.These are measurements which are very close to the mean.
23.Results of an experiment where other variables have been controlled.
25.Not being able to set an ammeter to zero is an example of one of these.

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