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Ch 12-13

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2.the common name of the smallest aldehyde
6.the amino acid that is a thiol (contains a sulfhydryl group)
14.classification of an alcohol that has the carbinol carbon attached to two alkyl groups
15.the common name of a toxic alcohol that, when ingested, can form oxalate crystals in the kidneys
16.the product of addition reaction of an alcohol to an aldehyde, readily formed in carbohydrates
18.the simplest alcohol, which among other properties, can lead to blindness
20.reaction through which aldehydes can be obtain from primary alcohols
21.compounds containing the carbonyl group obtained by oxidation of secondary alcohols
22.compounds in which the hydroxyl group is attached to a benzene ring
1.compounds that contain the sulfhydryl group
3.bonds that are formed by oxidation between two cysteine residues in proteins
4.the common name of an ether that has two ethyl groups attached to the oxygen atom
5.the carbon atom bearing the hydroxyl group in alcohols
7.name of the solution containing silver-ammonia complex used to distinguish aldehydes from ketones
8.organic compounds obtained by mild oxidation of primary alcohols
9.organic compounds (other than aromatics) that contain hydroxyl group attached to an alkyl group
10.the name of the functional group found in aldehydes and ketones
11.the name of the aromatic aldehyde found in almonds
12.the IUPAC name of the simplest ketone
13.bonds formed through the attractive interaction of a hydrogen atom with an electronegative atom, such as nitrogen, oxygen or fluorine, that resides on another molecule or chemical group
17.one of the most known application of acetone
19.the common name of the smallest ketone

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