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Colour Theory

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4.Colours that cannot be made from mixing other colours.
5.Another word for colour.
8.The colour scheme of having colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, e.g. yellow and orange.
10.To darken a colour using black.
11.The term indicates the brightness of a colour.
13.The colour scheme of having the tints and shades of only one hue.
15.The plan for organising colour.
1.A such colour is produced by mixing a primary colour and a secondary colour.
2.The yellows and reds of the colour spectrum, associated with fire, heat, and sun.
3.A hue created by combining two primary colours, as yellow and blue mixed together yield green.
6.A selection of different values to indicate the range of tones used in an artwork, usually in the form of a gradual change from dark to light.
7.Colours that are opposite each other on a standard colour wheel, e.g. blue and orange.
9.To lighten a colour using white.
12.The term refers to the degree of lightness or darkness of a colour or hue. Another word for tone.
14.The blues and greens of the colour spectrum, associated with water, sky, and ice.

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