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Chapter 9 Review Game

R. Alan Smith

Key Terms Crossword Puzzle

1     2    
5           6   7
9                         10
      12 13          
16                 17              

1.The process of using words to send a message. (Xxxx Communication)
3.An informal language used among a particular group.
5.An individual wanting to convey a message.
9.The process of a sender sending a message to an individual (receiver) with the purpose of creating mutual understanding.
13.Personal information about another individual which is hurtful and inappropriate.
14.Paper that has the company logo, mailing address, and telephone numbers imprinted on quality paper.
15.A form of business communication that is either printed, handwritten, or sent electronically.
16.When a receiver interprets a message.
17.Workplace communication that occurs among individuals without regard to the formal lines of authority. (Xxxx Communication)
2.Written communication sent within an organization.
4.Identifying how a message will be sent (verbally, written, or non-verbally).
6.Workplace communications that occurs through memos, meetings, or lines of authority. (Xxxx Communication)
7.A formal written form of communication used when a message is being sent to an individual outside of an organization.
8.Formal collection of items that record important events that have occurred.
10.Anything that interrupts or interferes with the communication process.
11.An informal communication network where employees talk about workplace issues of importance.
12.When a receiver responds to a sender's message based upon the receiver's interpretation of the original message.

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