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CPR/First Aid

Karla Fines

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2.The breathing tube, where air passes from the outside environment to the lungs is also called the ____________________.
4.When bandaging a patient, if blood soaks through you should secure bandages on _______of the original dressing and apply direct pressure.
6.If a patient starts to vomit you roll them ___________you.
8.If you smoke and have high blood pressure, you are at higher risk for __________attack and stroke.
10.The best sign we see that tells us someone is having a heart attack is the sudden onset of ____________pain.
14.When providing first aid you should attempt to leave the patient in the ________________found until paramedics arrive.
15.The compressions to breaths ratio is __________Compressions to two breaths.
16.When treating a patient with an impaled object you should _______it in place, stabilize it and seek immediate medical attention.
18.Fainting is a ___________loss of consciousness.
21.The proper landmark for cpr compressions is the ______________of the chest.
22.Angina is best defined as a heart condition that causes temporary narrowing of the _____________vessels.
23.When performing chest compressions on an adult, the depth you should compress is ________ inches deep using both hands.
24.When performing rescue breaths a first aider should use a _______________. (two words)
25.When we breath, we inhale and exhale ________and carbon dioxide.
26.Shock is best defined as a pump problem, a container problem or a volume of __________problem and should be considered life threatening.
1.When performing abdominal thrusts on a conscious choking patient with a full obstruction, the amount of force necessary is as __________force as needed.
3.When calling an ambulance, they require the following information. _________, the patients age and condition.
5.Chances of catching a communicable disease are decreased when ______ is used, such as gloves, and a facemask.
7.When entering an accident scene the first step is to check for ____________.
9.Call 911 first if the patient is an ____________.
11.CAB stands for Circulation, __________and Breathing.
12.A conscious choking person may become __________ at any time, vomit, or try to seclude themselves.
13.Do one round of CPR and rescue breaths (2 full minutes) if the patient is a __________or baby.
14.Treatment for external bleeding is Rest and direct_________.
17.The one medication that a first aider can administer is an ____________ when a person is having an anaphylactic reaction.
18.Someone having a stroke may experience loss of consciousness, confusion , paralysis, or weakness or _________ in a part of the body.
19.If a person is choking and has a FULL airway obstruction they will not be able to Speak, ___________or cough.
20.Communicable diseases may be transmitted by _____________, urine, feces, or saliva.
24.When in a motor vehicle accident the first aider should___________ on the scene of an accident.

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