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Ch 14-15

1 2
  3 4       5 6                    
8               9   10                        
  11 12     13                    
  15               16              
      18                   19     20      
22 23                                          
  24               25
27                     28                    

3.name of the compounds produced when an acid reacts with a base
6.cleavage of any bond by addition of water molecule
7.an aromatic amide used as pain reliever and fever reducer
8.compounds extracted from opium poppy
10.the other name of glycerol triesters
13.the common name of the carboxylic acid found in vinegar
15.name of the long-chain carboxylic acid salts (fatty acid salts)
16.the functional group of carboxylic acids
17.the common name of an aromatic amine, name approved for use by IUPAC
18.a thioester that carries the acetyl group from glycolysis to an intermediate in citric acid cycle (three words)
23.the universal energy curency for all living organisms
26.large compounds obtained through reaction of amino acids, which form the structure of proteins
27.the carboxylic acid found in milk and working muscle
28.the common name of the carboxylic acid with one carbon atom
29.the name of the reaction between an acid and a base
30.a heterocyclic amine found in DNA and RNA
31.the products of the reaction between phosphoric acid and alcohols
1.a catecholamine derived from the amino acid tyrosine
2.basic, nitrogen-containing organic compounds
4.the products of the reaction between a carboxylic acid and an amine or ammonia
5.the other name of aspirin
6.cyclic compounds containign at least one nitrogen atom in the ring structure
9.the common name of the aromatic carboxylic acid with two carboxyl groups
11.the base-catalyzed hydrolysis of a glycerol triester in which soaps are produced
12.the products resulting from the reaction of amines with acids
14.an amine/alkaloid drug
19.nitrogen-containing chemicals that carry signals from a nerve cell to a target cell
20.a strong analgesic
21.reaction between an alcohol and a carboxylic acid
22.a natural amide used as an antibiotic
24.a local anesthetic containing the amino group
25.an antihistamine (decongestant)

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