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Ch 16-17

1 2
  3 4             5       6                
      8   9 10
  11 12                       13                      
        15       16  
  18                         19      
  20                             21  
  26     27                  
        30     31                      

4.a sugar in our diet that produces tooth decay
5.a group of nonpolar lipids that are esters or glycerol and fatty acids
7.the milk sugar
12.an apparatus able to measure the ability of a compound to change the angle of the plane of polarized light
13.one of the female hormones
14.a highly branched amylose
17.the simplest carbohydrates containing one sugar unit
18.the simplest chiral carbohydrate bearing the aldehyde functionality
20.the name of the base-catalyzed hydrolysis of an ester
24.name of the structure of cell membranes (two words)
25.mixture of equal amounts of a pair of enantiomers
26.the major form of storing glucose in animals
29.a hormone that stimulates the release of glucose into the blood stream when glucose levels drop too low
30.the name of the bond that bridges two monosaccharide units
32.a product resulted from the partial hydrogenation of vegetable oils
33.a 4 word definition of long chain fatty acids found in fish oil
34.a group of polar lipids that are phosphate esters
35.a biologically important sugar molecule having 6 carbons in its structure
1.emulsifying agents synthesized in the liver and stored in the gallbladder
2.one of the plants that produces carbohydrates such as starch
3.monosaccharides containing 6 carbons and a ketone functionality in their molecules
6.an essential fatty acid required for the synthesis of arachidonic acid
8.molecules with homone-like activity made in most tissues and exerting their activity on the cells that produced them
9.name of the isomers of chiral compounds
10.pair of isomers that are mirror images of each other
11.complex lipids that carry dietary lipids from the intestine to other tissues
15.three words describing lipid molecules containing a double bond
16.carbohydrates containing multiple sugar units
19.reaction between a fatty acid and an alcohol
21.name of a fatty acid containing 16 carbons and a double bond in position 9
22.sugar molecules produced in plants by photosynthesis
23.a group of polar lipids that are particularly important structural lipid components of nerve cell membranes
27.a steroid molecule found in membranes of most animal cells
28.the sweetest of thye sugars
31.an example of a complex carbohydrate containing multiple sugar units

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