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Early American History

Lynn Dennis

Centered on Revolutionary War and post war period, Founding Fathers and documents.

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1.The first state to ratify the Constitution.
6.The minimum age a person can be elected President of the United States.
7.Number of justices on the Supreme Court.
8.Current number of U.S. Senators
9.Length of term for a U.S. Senator.
10.Not only an inventor, but our leading diplomat during the Revolution.
14.This limits the power of the government.
15.Thomas Paine wrote this pamphlet expressing the reasons why Americans should be independent from Great Britain.
16.The Supreme Court is part of this branch of government.
19."__________ and Balances."
21.This Adams was a leading instigator of the Sons of Liberty in Boston.
22.General Washington defeated Gen Cornwallis at this battle, leading to negotiations to end the war.
23.The first government of the United States was formed under the "Articles of ____________."
2.Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, Gen. George ___________.
3.This is where the "shot heard around the world" started the American Revolution.
4.The group who supported adoption of the new Constitution.
5.Considered the "Father of the Constitution"
9.The American victory in this battle was instumental in bringing the French into the war in support of the Americans.
11.Three of the first four Presidents were from this state.
12.This branch has the power to draft laws and raise money.
13.This U.S. Naval hero said, "I have not yet begun to fight."
16.Primary drafter of the Declaration of Independence.
17.First Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander ___________.
18.Our government is composed of three __________
20.President of the Continmental Congress at the start of the Revolutionary War.

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