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Ch 18-20

1                           2                
4                             5                
  7   8
9                       10                     11
  14 15                                          
    19                       20  
      21           22      
    23                                       24  

1.molecules that usually bind very tightly to the active site of enzymes inactivating them
4.enzymes that catalyze the redox processes in our body
5.the enzyme in its inactive form
6.a tridimensional structure of a protein composed of multiple polypeptide chains associated so as to form the functional protein
9.a proteolytic enzyme that has its optimum activity at pH around 8
10.process by which proteins unfold and lose they shape and function
15.enzymes that have more than one binding site (two words)
16.the structure of DNA (two words)
17.the part of the enzyme that binds with the substrate
18.the process of copying the original genetic information when cells divide (two words)
19.long chains (polymeric) of amino acids forming the proteins
21.a coenzyme derived from pantothenic acid (two words)
23.general name of the regularly reapeating structures in a protein that are the result of hydrogen bond formation (two words)
25.process through which enzymatic pathways are regulated (two words)
26.changes in the sequence of the DNA molecule that result in the substitution of a single nucleotide for another (three words)
27.a fiber-forming protein that provides mechanical strength
28.a disorder of red blood cells (three words)
29.an amino acid that it is a secondary amine
30.an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of 3-phosphoglycerate into his isomer
31.a coiled, helical conformation found in proteins (two words)
32.a hydrophobic amino acid
33.pieces of DNA that cary information or instructions (the so called genes)
2.a coenzyme derived from vitamin B3 (three words)
3.nonprotein groups required by enzymes for proper functioning
7.modification of RNA consisting in removal of portions of the primary transcript that are not coding for proteins (two words)
8.the molecule that carries amino acids to ribosomes and has the appropriate anticodon sequence (two words)
11.building blocks of DNA and RNA
12.small molecules that can bind to active sites of enzymes and alter their shape rendering them either active or inactive (two words)
13.the sugar found in DNA
14.enzymes speed up reactions by lowering of this reaction parameter (two words)
20.the inactive form of pepsin
22.a globular protein found in muscles
24.any neutral molecule with equal numbers of positive and negative charges

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