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Whose Pipeline Is It Anyway?

Alan Lewis

1   2   3      
  4 5  
6               7 8
9 10 11           12
13               14 15          
  16                   17 18     19   20
21   22 23                
  26 27               28   29            
  31                 32 33 34 35
    37   38                
    40                   41      
    42     43            
45         46
      47           48  
49   50       51                       52    

1.Conveys water
3.Hole or shaft drilled to get water
6.Water resources parameter for volume (2 wds) (2 Words)
11.Small grooves, furrows, or channels in soil made by water
13.Water storage device
15.Qty. of rainfall
16.Submerged soil
18.Causes water to flow uphill
23.Geological formation that stores water
24.Conservation landscaping
26.Temporary stream
29.Water molecules passing through membranes
30.1974 film about a water conspiracy
31.Aztec a god of rain, fertility, and water
36.Fast-acting water disinfectant
38.Portion of a water body which moves faster than the rest
40.Area of land with vegetation that helps to control environmental problems (2 Words)
43.Percolation of water through soil
44.Warm top layer in a stratified lake
47.Closed tank for anaerobic wastewater treatment
50.Plant sweat
52.Barrier that impounds water
53.Has a pH between 0 and 7
54.First in time, first in right (2 wds.) (2 Words)
55.Prolonged period of low precipitation
56.Gushing well
57.Domestic wastewater composed of wash water
58.Flow of water
2.Largest reservoir in the U.S.
3.Land area from which water drains
4.Moisture in the air that condenses on surfaces
5.Wetland that accumulates peat, a deposit of dead plant material
7.The sum or all inorganic and particulate material (Acronym)
8.Maj. cause of water loss
9.Indicator bacteria (2 Words)
10.Typical agrochemical
12.Erupting thermal spring
14.Irrigation ditch in Mexico?
17.River famously dyed green on St. Patrick's Day
19.Painful precipitation?
20.American agency that monitors climate and weather
21.Of or pertaining to the bottom of a water body
22.Relating to stream banks
25.To save water
27.Relating to marshes or wetlands
28.Relating to lake shores
32.Amount of water that can be drawn from a source
33.Water safe for consumption
34.Clouds that form at the Earth's surface
35.Wetland fed by mineral-rich surface water or groundwater
37.Bacterial conversion of organic matter to CH4, CO2 and other molecules
39.Water treatment method via boiling
41.Greek deity of seas and waters
42.Rules for reducing pollution (Acronym)
45.Water high in calcium
46.American agency that monitors streams
48.Water discharged after use
49.Hindu goddess of the Ganges River
51.Where water emerges from the ground
52.Alluvial deposit by a stream entering a body of water

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