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Sutures and Suturing

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  3 4   5
6   7                               8 9
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  20       21         22

7.a suture pattern that causes the margins to roll upward
11.bringing together the margins of the surgical incision
12.tendency of suture to return to its original shape
16.suture that loses its holding strength in less than 60 days
18.edges of a surgical incision or wound
26.a needle that is triangular in cross section with a sharp edge along the outer curvature
27.fine threads spun by silk worms
28.the pulling of skin with a tendency to separate the margins of the surgical incision
29.parallel to (the incision)
30.a stainless steel device clamped onto blood vessels for hemostasis
1.large interior organs with an interior space rather than solid, intestines, urinary bladder
2.series of separate indivdual sutures
3.perpendicular to (the incision)
4.ability to resist breakage when pulled
5.the ability of a knot to remain tied rather than to come unraveled
6.suture that maintains its holding strength for at least 60 days
8.the distance between the wound/incision margin and the points at which the suture passes through the skin
9.man made material, not naturally occurring
10.the resistance to suture being pulled through tissue
13.formed from a single strand
14.a needle that is round in cross section and does not cut when passed through tissues
15.the chemical compound in surgical tissure adhesive
17.formed from several smaller strands braided or woven together
19.suture material with the needle fused to the end
20.immunological response (inflammation) to suture material
21.a needle that is triangular in cross section with a sharp edge along the inner curvature
22.the cleavage of molecular bonds by the addition of water
23.in the form of a cross
24.polyglactin 910, a synthetic, multifilament, absorbable suture material
25.the movement of fluids and bacteria along a suture by capillary action

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