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Bible Puzzle

Luke Wise

Bible based cross word.

1 2 3
5         6      
7     8 9          
  10   11   12            
14             15           16
18   19       20  
  21   22       23   24        
    27             28 29         30
        32 33            
34         35             36    
38               39      
40         41              
43   44       45          
46       47       48      
      49         50  
52                 53
      54         55

5.Abraham's wife, (before God changed her name)
9.He was a prophet that annointed David King of Isreal
10.Known world wide for his wisdom
14.Mother of Jesus
15.Elijah's protege
17.Friends of shadrack and abendego
21.We are justified by ____
24.When Moses through his staff down this is what it became
25.Known as the book of wisdom
26.Paul wrote him two letters in the bible
27.Friend of David, son of Saul
29.Jacob's oldest son
33.River where Jesus was baptized
34.Over confident giant, that couldn't dodge a stone
36.One of Noah's sons, that also makes a tastey sandwich
37.Last book of the bible
38.The only tribe aloud to be priest in the temple
39.The first man
40.His name means petro, or stone
41.Esther's jewish name
44.The number of bible books named after women (spelled out
45.World renouned for his strenghth as long as he avoided the barber shop
46.Israel's frist king
47.God changed his name from Abram to this
49.The first Christian martyr
52.Where Paul was traveling when he saw the risen Jesus
54.Issac's yougest son
56.made from a rib
57.Jacob's only daughter
1.Healed the people with a bronze snake
3.The number of tribes of Israel (spelled out)
4.Wore a coat of many colors
6.Was thrown in the lion's den
7.The book of songs from the bible
8.God told him to walk around naked, hopefully for him it wasn't cold
11.Rose from the dead at the sound of Jesus' voice
12.The shortest of the four gospels
13.Along with quail, this fell from the sky to feed the Israelites
16.The author of the book of Acts
18.King who through a prophet in the Lions den
19.I can do all things through Christ who gives me _______
20.The prostitute who hid Israel's spies
22.Abrahams's first son
23.City where Jesus was born
28.fourth book of the bible
29.Moeses split it apart (two words) (2 Words)
30.God told him to build an ark
31.batized Jesus (three words) (3 Words)
32.David commited adultry with this youg lady
35.How many silver pecies did it take to betray Jesus (spelled out)
40.Wrote the epistles
42.City where Ruth was from
43.A nick-name for Jesus the _____ who was slain
48.Ishmael's mother
50.One of two men mentioned in the bible that did not die
51.Moeses' brother
53.Ruth's 2nd husband
54.Known for having terrible luck.
55.The number of plagues sent upon pharroh (spelled out)

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