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Social Psychology

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1.mass ___________ illness; where there are symptoms of illness as a result of informational social influence
8.the My Lai massacre is an example of _____________ to authority
10.his social impact theory suggests people are likely to conform depending on strength, immediacy, and number
11.implicit or explicit rules a group has for acceptable beliefs, values, or behavior
13.he studied the obedience of subjects asked to impose "shocks" on another person
16.change in behavior resulting rom real or imagined presence of others
17.almost ___-____ of Milgram's subjects went all the way
18.attractive body size is learned from informational social influence and women's attempts to have the right body size is explained by normative social ___________
21.those of a minority opinion are most likely to use informational _____ influence
22.informational social influence leads to ______________ acceptance
23.he used autokinetic effect (movement of light) to demonstrate informational social influence
25.he replicated the Milgram study in 2006 though with ethical precautions in place
26.this researcher used non-ambigulous stimuli ( a series of lines) in his demonstration of normative social influence
2.____________ social influence; when others are a source of information regarding how we should behave
3.behavior in response to conformity may be either good or _________
4.normative conformity occurs as part of the desire to be __________________
5.normative social influence may lead to _____________ compliance rather than private acceptance
6.___ of the Worlds has its impact as a result of ambiguity, crisis, and expertise
7.____ norms refer to actual behavior, behavior that is most effective/pragmatic
9.____ norms may motivate people by offering rewards for normative behavior
12.conforming without believing
14.those of a majority opinion are most likely to use ___________ social influence
15.in highly ______ situations, people think they know what's happening and then ignore evidence contrary to what they now believe
19.Burger found _________ significant differences between his study and the original research of the 60's & 70's
20.Milgram's "teacher" responded to the pleas of the experimenter, not the pleas of the ____________
24.informational conformity occurs as part of the desire to be _______________

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