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mdta crim law 1 intro


Intro to Crim Law

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3.laws based on judicial decisions
7.factors which need to be present for criminal prosecution
12.laws enacted by legislative bodies
14.incomplete crimes
15.defense to committing crime when use only amount of force reasonably necessary
16.a person who is involved with another during the commission of a crime
21.book of statutes
22.active participant in the crime (during the commission of the crime)
23.an incomplete act that is done with the intent to commit a crime- an act which is a substantial step toward the commission of a crime
1.rule with a consequence
2.a person who aids or abets the principal before or after the commission of a crime
4.criminal conduct
5.criminal intent
6.age as defense to committing crime
8.defense to committing crime when law enforcement induces someone to commit crime and person not predisposed to commit the crime
9.an agreement by 2 or more people to commit an unlawful act coupled with act that furthers the agreement
10.criminal offense of inciting another to commit a crime
11.book containing noteworthy criminal court decisions and recent legislation
13.less serious crime (prison sentence usually 1 year or less)
17.system of law which originated in England and we still use today
18.mental disease or defect as defense to committing crime
19.serious crime (prison sentence is usually more than 1 year)
20.force or coercion as defense to committing crime

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