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Lesson 3 - Block 1 Workout and Project

Mikala Paulk

4                         5
6             7                            

2.is being able to move quickly and easily .
3.is even placement of weight so a person can stay steady.
4.is an effective use of movement.
6.The percentage of a body that isn’t bones, water, organs , or muscle. (2 Words)
7.is physical exercise that makes your heart and lungs work harder to get more oxygen to your muscles. It raises heart rate and breathing and keeps your heart healthy. (2 Words)
9.is when the muscles work so hard that they don’t get enough oxygen. The muscles produce lactic acid in these exercises. It raises your metabolism. (2 Words)
1.is how well the circulatory and respiratory system can get oxygen and energy to be active. (3 Words)
3.is the percentage of fat, muscle, and bone in the body. (2 Words)
5.is the health information , products and services available (2 Words)
8.is the type of food a human or an animal normally eats.

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