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Chapter 9: Energy Balance & Healthy Body Weight

Courtney Allenson

This puzzle uses key vocabulary words from Chapter 9 of "Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies" by Sizer & Whitney.

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5.intentional activities conducted by voluntary muscles
6.fat stored within the abdominal cavity in association with the internal abdominal organs
7.pertaining to or made from plants
10.urban and rural low-income areas with limited access to affordable and nutritious foods
12.brain compounds that reduce pain and produce pleasure in ways similar to opiate drugs
13.and indicator of obesity or underweight, calculated by dividing the weight of a person by the square of the person's height
15.fat stored directly under the skin
16.the psychological desire to eat
22.an appetite-suppressing hormone produced in the fat cells that conveys information about body fatness to the brain
26.the sum total of all the involuntary activities that are necessary to sustain life
27.a technique for measuring body fatness by measuring the body's electrical conductivity
28.the buildings, roads, utilities, homes, and all other man-made entities that form the physical characteristics of a community
29.the perception of fullness that builds throughout a meal
30.a hormone released by the stomach that signals the hypothalamus of the brain to stimulate eating
31.the body's speeded-up metabolism in response to having eaten a meal
32.periods of returning to old habits
1.the body's fat tissue
2.a person's belief in his or her ability to succeed in an undertaking
3.the DRI recommendation for energy intake
4.the progressive, relentless loss of the body's tissues that accompanies certain diseases and shortens survival time
8.protein hormones made and released by adipose tissue cells
9.acidic compounds derived from fat and certain amino acids, which help to feed the brain during times when too little carbohydrate is available
11.overfatness with adverse heath effects; BMI greater than 30
14.the proportions of muscle, bone, fat and other tissue that makes up a person's total body weight
17.the rate at which the body uses energy to support its basal metabolism
18.the generation and release of body heat associated with the breaksown of body fuels
19.a measure of density and volume used to determine body fat content
20.measurement of the thickness of a fold of skin on the back of the arm, below the shoulder blade, or in other places
21.a disturbance in the daily eating rhythm associated with obesity, characterized by no breakfast, more than half of the daily calories consumed after 7 pm, frequent nighttime awakenings to eat and often a greater total calorie intake than others
23.clinically severe over-weight, presenting very high risks to health; the condition of having a BMI of 40 or above
24.excess fat in the abdomen and around the trunk
25.a measure of the energy provided by a food relative to its weight

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