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ANS 205 for quiz 4 part 2

Kathryn Kania

The beginning of material for Exam 2, and the last lecture covered in quiz 4. this crossword covers the lecture on Joints.

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1.these joints only move in their saggital plane: extension, hyperextension, and flexion.
2.synovial joint movement: rotation so palmar/plantar side is up
8.between adjacent carpal bones, this joint allows slight gliding movement. aka sliding joint
10.an example of a hinge joint in a horse
15.synovial joint movement: move away from median plane
16.a type of joint pathology where the articulation is completely separated
17.synovial joint movement: __ and __ is between flat surfaces
19.joint like between teeth and jaw; type of fibrous joint
21.link muscle to bone
24.ball and socket joint is aka __ joint.
26.an example of this joint is the joint between the phalanges
27.example of this type of joint is immature bone diaphysis and epiphysis
29.an oral therapy for arthritis including chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine HCl/sulfate
31.attach bone to bone on long bones in joints
33.synovial joint movement: twisting movement around its own axis (shaking head no)
36.synovial joint movement: decrease angle of joint
37.type of joint pathology
38.__ surfaces and __ cartilage and __ cavity are features of all synovial joints
39.an example of use of this joint is turning your head "no"
40.in synovial joints, the joint __ is a fibrous membrane that surrounds the joint and produces synovial fluid
41.__ and goats get blood born infection of joints
42.An articulation between bones
1.synovial joint movement: increase angle of joint beyond 180 degrees
3.more accurate therapy for arthritis including hyaluronic acid
4.fibres wtihin the tendon: bundles of collagen
5.the type of fluid that acts as a buffer so the bones don't hit each other in this specialized type of joint.
6.this joint is similar to hinge, and an example is the stifle joint
7.__ and GAGs (glucosaminoglycans) are key proteins that make up synovial fluid
9.synovial joint movement: increase joint angle
11.synovial joint movement: cone shaped movement
12.synovial joint movement: move toward median plane
13.slight movement, like between a splint and cannon bone; an example of a fibrous joint
14.symphyses joint is this main type of joint
15.inflammation of the joint, degenerative joint disesase
18.a type of synovial joint aka ginglymus
20.this joint is like a ball and socket but with less movement.
22.tendon __ surround the tendons to protect them
23.__ joints are many bones in one joint capsule.
25.synovial joint movement: rotate so dorsal side is up
27.this joint allows for all movements except rotation.
28.example of the ball and socket joint (the name for hip joint)
30.junction that fuses after birth, like between bones of skull; a type of fibrous joint
32.A main type of joint with no joint cavity; united by fibrous tissue
34.allow muscles to work on limb bones
35.# of bones in a simple joint
37.ligaments are stretched but there is no actual separation of joint

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