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Clinical Pathology

1 2 3
4               5 6
10         11              
      13                         14
    16         17                      
19                       20 21  
25                 26    

4.an enzyme that catalyzes the decomposition of urea to ammonia and CO2
7.one-tenth of a liter
9.cloudiness; distrubance of solids in a solutin so that it is not clear
10.group of compounds synthesized from cholesterol by hepatocyes that aid in digestion of fats (2 Words)
13.normal range of values (2 Words)
15.bile pigment derived from the breakdown of heme
16.measures the amount of light transmittd thru a fluid
19.able to be identified but not measured or counted
23.a system for insuring the maintenance of proper standards by periodic inspection (2 Words)
24.chief nitrogen containing compound of urine. end product of protein metabolism
25.yellow discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes caused by elevated bilirubin levels
27.the science of measuring color
28.after eating
29.obstruction or suppression of bile flow resulting in the accumulation of biliary substances in blood
1.a specimen of fluid, blood or tissue based on the assumption that it represents the whole
2.yellow or red pigments found in certain plants and animal fats, many of which can be converted to vitamin A by most animals (except cats)
3.a group of large plasma proteins that include immunoglobulins
5.enzyme derived primarily from the pancreas that functions in the breakdown of starch
6.large proteins that constitute the majority of protein in plasma and function to maintain the osmotic pressure of blood
8.an end product of protein metabolism in reptiles and birds (2 Words)
11.joined or paired
12.nutritional hypomagnesemia of lactating cattle grazed on succulent, immature grass, manifest as ataxia progressing to coma and death (2 Words)
14.all of the body fluid lying outside the cells (2 Words)
17.instrument used to determine the concentration of particles in solution by measuring the refraction (bending) of light passing through it
18.to adjust the reading of an instrument to corrspond with a sample of known measure
20.electrolytes, especially Na, K, Cl
21.a group of laboratory tests performed on serum
22.waste product fromed during normal muscle cell metabolism that passes into the blood and is excreted in urine
23.able to be measured or counted
26.the study of serum and the rxns of antigens and antibodies

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