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Balaam and His Talking Donkey

By Sylvie Lake

The answers to this crossword can be found in Numbers 22. I have used the NIV to create this puzzle.

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1.What part of Balaam did the donkey crush when she pressed close to the wall? - Num 22:25
4.Balak sent other ........, more numerous and more distinguished - Num 22:15
5.How did Moab feel about the Israelites? - Num 22:3
8.He would've killed the donkey if he had one of these - Num 22:29
9.God said no because these people are ................ - Num 22:12
11.The Lord opened Balaam's .......... - Num 22:31
12.What did the donkey see? - Num 22:27
13.What did Balaam do to the donkey when she turned off the road into a field? - Num 22:23
14.Balaam was asked to do this to the people who came out of Egypt - Num 22:6
2.The angel was there to .......... him - Num 22:32
3.Who were the people who traveled to the plains of Moab? - Num22:1
6.Balaam could only speak what was put in his mouth by .............. - Num 22:38
7.Balaam saddles his ................... - Num 22:21
9.The King of Moab (Son of Zippor) - Num 22:4
10.Balaam said to the angel of the lord, "I have ........" - Num 22:34
12.How did God feel when Balaam left? - Num 22:22

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