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Quiz #5 ANS 205

Kathryn Kania

This puzzle covers material for quiz #5 lectures:

Muscles; Skeletal muscles; Smooth&Cardiac muscles

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        57 58                 59      
60                       61       62      
  63     64                
65 66 67                       68
            69             70 71          
        73                   74          

2.__ is the neurotoxin that causes a disease that acts on inhibitors of muscle activity, produces muscle spasms, and results in lockjaw
4.featherlike type of skeletal muscle, the strongest of which is a multi__ muscle group
6.an extensor of the hip joint, in the hamstring
7.__ disks at the ends of cardiac muscle cells allow transmission of electrical activity
10.smooth muscle parasympathetic stimulation neurotransmitter
11.this cardiac disease occurs in cattle at high elevation, due to increased pulmonary arterial pressure
14.cardiac muscle acts as a __ when the disks at the ends of muscle cells allow for transmission of electrical activity
15.an extensor for the shoulder joint.
18.smooth muslce sympathetic stimulation neurotransmitter
19.color of type II muscle, probably because it requires anaerobic pathways
20.multiunit smooth muscles include the eye, __ fibers of hair.
21.the enzyme that degrades the neurotransmitter that allows Na+ to enter the muscle for action potential
22.a type of muscle that is under voluntary control, and is MULTInucleated.
26.the __ __ muscle is a sling supporting the trunk
28.this muscle type is multinucleated, and only found in one place in the body. It is under involuntary control
30.the __ and diaphragm are muscles that are associated with respiration. ("cost" is the latin term for "rib"... I remember that it "cost" Adam a "rib" to get his Eve!)
32.this muscle brings the scapula together, elevates the shoulder
33.latissimus dorsi and infraspinatus are __ for the shoulder joint
34.a flexor for the hip joint. another flexor for this joint is the rectus femoris (quadricep)
36.recurrent exertional __ is common in thoroughbreds and greyhounds. in this condition calcium doesn't go back into the sarcoplasmic reticulum properly
40.this muscle acts to lift the shoulder and swing the scapula forward
41.__ __ is low blood calcium: results in neuromuscular block
43.the movement of __ is ulitmately due to calcium, and the movement of it allows binding sites of actin to be exposed, so myosin and actin can bind
45.adductor muscle for hip joint.
51.biceps brachii and __ are flexors for elbow
52.when released form the sarcoplasmic reticullum, calcium immediately binds to __ which causes a conformational change
53.brachiocephalicus muscle is an extensor for the __ joint.
54.disease where toxin prevents vesicles containing acetylcholine at the synapse from release. the result is flaccid paralysis due to lack of muscle contraction
55.each muscle __ is a single muscle cell
56.in this muscle type, calcium is released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, but it also enters from outside the muscle cell via calcium channels
57.the functional lengthwise unit of a muscle fiber
59.color of type I muscle, probably because it requires so much oxygen
60.these animals have type III muscle
61.__ muscles are for making facial expressions. think of a mime who relies solely on facial expressions to get his point across!
64.also known as spindle, an example of this type of skeletal muscle are the biceps
67.the relaxation of smooth muscle (as opposed to stretch, which is stress)
69.flexor for the hock
71.this is the point where muscles attach, via tendon, to the less mobile structure
73.the gastrocnemius acts as an __ for the hock
74.this type of muscle is controlled by the ANS, and it's cells have only one nucleus each.
75.this is the point where muscles attach, via tendon, to the more mobile structure
76.when stimulation is continuous, summation hits a max tension (greater than a peak twitch tension)
1.__ muscle is only found in the heart
2.__ __ is a high energy phosphate. it's a source of ATP when muscles have been exercised and need to replenish their ATP stores
3.smooth muscles don't always require __ __ for contraction. stimulation also includes ligand binding, mechanical stretch, and slow wave electrical activity
5.these drugs bind acetylcholine receptors so acetylcholine can't initiate contraction.
8.during muscle contraction, the first step is that action potential is carried into transverse __
9.new __ is required after contraction, in order to pump Ca back into the sarcoplasmic reticulum and re-establish the resting membrane
12.this was in a picture in the notes: this muscle is in the back of the horse's neck, and it acts to rotate the head side to side and up.
13.an extensor of the hip joint, in the hamstring
14.if another stimuli is given before a single twitch relaxes, tension developed is additive
16.a featherlike organization of skeletal muscle, specifically, one muscle (as opposed to two muscles or many muscles).
17.elbow extensor muscle
23.neurotoxin caused from Clostridium tetani
24.cardiac __ is due to increased work (high blood pressure). it is increased heart size
25.abductor for shoulder joint
27.outer muscle cell membrane
29.fibrous contractile protein (thick filament) that starts charged with an Adenosine diphosphate and an inorganic Phosphate group; it bends at a right angle when bound to the other contractile protein
31.the hamstrings and gastrocnemius are __ for the stifle
35.the middle gluteal acts as a __ muscle for the hip joint
37.neurotransmitter that causes Na+ to enter the muscle membrane to generate the initial action potential of muscle contraction
38.the masseter muscle is associated with the act of __. (also known as chewing!) (have you ever seen the movie, "The Man?"
39.smooth muscle lacks __ because there is no orderly arrangement of Actin and Myosin.
42.__ is released via membrane channels from the sarcoplasmic reticulum in cardiac muscle
44.a type of skeletal muscle; an example is the sartorius in the thigh.
46.the activation of the sarcoplasmic reticulum causes the release of __ into the cytoplasm.
47.inside the smooth muscle cell, calcium binds to __ which activates myosin (light chain) to allow binding with actin
48.smooth muscles are mostly __ __ because action potentials are transmitted across cells via gap junctions so they work as a __ __.
49.erector spinae muscle is associated with the __
50.single stimuli causes contraction
58.deep gluteal muscles act as an __ muscle for the hip joint.
62.how muscles attach to bones at the point of origin and point of insertion
63.the __ is an extensor of the hip joint, part of this muscle includes the bicep femoris.
65.__ pathways are a source of ATP that include glycogen, glucose, fat or protein, plus oxygen to yield ATP, CO2, and water
66.contraction is the moving of these together
67.this is an adductor muscle at the shoulder joint: helps you hug people!
68.in death, when there is no more ATP production so muscles cannot relax because actin and myosin cannot dissociate, this condition results
70.extensor muscle for this is the quadriceps (Rectus femoris, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius)
72.a fibrous contractile protein (thin filament) in muscle; it's along the Z line

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