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#101.25 Civil Disturbances

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.If the District’s fire station is located inside the established perimeter they shall remain in their stations but shall be in a “______” mode for security reasons
6.All ____ units will enter the perimeter as intact groups, travel in groups, operate in groups, and return in groups
7.Call back of off-duty _____ and staffing of reserve apparatus may be necessary
8.The District’s ___ may be activated, and if so, will require appropriate liaisons with Command
10.Command shall establish a Level II Staging area near the Command Post and request appropriate resources from _____
11.No _____ company responses shall be permitted in Stage-Two situations
12.It is critical that the Shift Commander remain _____ at all times to the potential of a civil disturbance
14.When a _____ of actual acts of violence have occurred in a specific area of the District (unrelated set fires, a series of assaults, or looting), a perimeter encompassing one half (1/2) or more mile shall be established around the area
15.Unnecessary _____ in implementing this guideline can result in significant risk to fire companies and negatively affect the development of the Command System
16._____ Commander and the Deputy Chief shall review the Stage Response Plan frequently and communicate to personnel of any changes and current status of the situation
1.Any _____ experiencing an act of violence against them shall immediately report the incident to the Shift Commander
2.The purpose of this guideline is to outline the Fire District’s approach to dealing with _____ involving civil disturbances
4.a civil disturbance is defined as any situation involving a random act, or several random or specific acts of _____ directed at District fire fighters or other persons, or property
5.When an incident occurs, the first due Company Officer, his/her Shift Commander, and law enforcement supervisor will meet to determine the appropriate level of _____ for the area of question
7._____ may be more effectively treated in a violent situation if the patient is rapidly removed from the scene to a safer treatment area (scoop and run).
9.It shall be the responsibility of the Company Officers and Shift Commanders to be alert to potential or actual _____ due to a civil disturbance
11.If the severity of the situation dictates a _____ 1 or Stage 2 response is in order, the following notifications will be made by the Shift Commander: dispatch, all Chief Officers, and Law Enforcement Supervisor
13.All _____ Officers shall be notified and respond quickly to fill Command support responsibilities

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