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Chapter 4 Key Terms

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 4 Key Terms

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3.To enter into a contract under circumstances that deprive the individual of his or her volition (2 Words)
7.Couple living together without being legally married (3 Words)
14.Voluntary agreement to enter into a marriage contract (3 Words)
15.Judgment by a court that retroactivity invalidates a marriage to the date of its formation
1.Informal marriage (3 Words)
2.Property received from a decedent, either by will or through state laws of intestate succession
4.Person who is legally married to another person
5.Applies to decision-making on behalf of adults who lack capacity to make their own decisions (those aged over 16 years) (2 Words)
6.Marriage where somone else stands in for the other party (3 Words)
8.Refers to first time husband and wife co-habit together or engage in sexual intercourse, after a ceremony of marriage has been performed
9.Marriage arranged for political, economic, or social benefit rather than from personal attachment (2 Words)
10.An alternate or extrensic reason for doing something, especially when concealed or when differing from the stated or apparent reason (2 Words)
11.Marriage performed with one party to the marriage not being physically present in the ceremony (2 Words)
12.Reers to the performance of a formal marriage ceremony before witnesses
13.Name which is added to the christian name, and which in modern times, have become family names

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