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Chapter 5 Key Terms

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 5 Key Terms

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2.Transmission from parent to offspring of personal property
4.Interpretation of written law by the courts
6.Legal status, condition, or relationship that results from a contract by one man and one woman
11.Defective marriage; no legal effect and may be safely ignored by all (2 Words)
12.Recognition of various states of one states statutes (2 Words)
13.Sincere intention to deal family with others (2 Words)
14.Process used to distribute property of one who died without a will (2 Words)
1.Prohibits marriage within state of persons residing and continue residing in another state; marriage would be void in state of marriage, just as it would be void in state of divorce or in the individual's home state (4 Words)
3.Child born in a void or annulled voidable marriage (2 Words)
5.Federal statute provides that no state can be required to recognize or give effect to same-sex marriages (4 Words)
7.Considered valid unless one party seeks a judicial declaration of invalidity (2 Words)
8.People who reside in a particular place with the intention of making it his or her principal place of abode
9.Cohabitant who mistakenly comsidered themselves to be married (2 Words)
10.Failure to comply with essential formal requirements

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