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7.Medicare beneficiaries are responsible to pay before Medicare will begin to pay for services are:
8.The ICD-9 consists of __________ volumes.
9.Hospital/facility care
12.SSA collects funds for_____________ .
14.How many main sections in the CPT manual.
16.________________handles the day to day operation of the Medicare program for the CMS.
19.Surgical services are paid on a ___________ fee.
20.ICD-9-CM codes translate the ___ ___ of services provided from verbal and narrative descriptions to nationally accepted reporting standards.
24.The ICD-9 manual was developed based on a tex by what organization?
26.Universal claim form is the ________________.
27.All ICD-9-CM codes must be supported by__________________
29.Medicare Advantage
1.Internation Classification of Diseases, 9th REvision, Clinical Modification
2.CPT means:
3.Where specific coding information about each section located?
4.Act mandated uniform standards for electronic transmission of financial and administrative health information is known as:
5.ICD-9 codes can be coded up to.
6.In ICD-9 CM, NOS means:
10.The Medicare program was established in:
11.Who is the largest third-party payer in the nation?
13.ICD-9-CM codes are updated at least:
15.Medicare Prescriptions is known as.
17._____________ pays for physician services and durable medical equipment.
18.According to the notes preceding the Cat III code in the CPT manual, the digits of the Cat III codes are not intended to reflect the placement of the code in the cat I section of the CPT.
21.This was first developed and published in 1966.
22.What is defined as transforming written descriptions into numericsal designations called.
23.Medicare pays for what percentage of covered charges?
25.Who publishes CPT?
28.Codes used report external causes of injury and poisoning are called.
29.THis insurance company covers 80% and the patient is responsible for 20% of the remaining balance.

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