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Chapter 13 Key Terms

Rhonda Hadnot

Chapter 13 Key Terms

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2.Bear down against, bear hard upon, blackmail, bring pressure to bear upon, burden, cause, coerce, cogere, command, compellere, constrain, control
4.The status of the fluid-electrolyte balance in a patient
8.Donated blood is added to your own blood (2 Words)
11.A surgical treatment for hearing loss (2 Words)
14.Exemption granted by statute or government authorities from a legal duty, penalty or prosecution
1.An injury or medical condition that interferes with an individual ability to perform one or more of the functions of daily life
2.fissure or opening; a gap
3.Ensemble of rights and powers that the law accords to the father and the mother with respect to the person and the goods of their unemancipated minor children (2 Words)
5.The act of intruding or the condition of being intruded on
6.Conduct that falls below the standards of behavior established by law for the protection of others against unreasonable risk of harm
7.The act or process by which a person is liberated from the authority and control of another person
9.A law intended to apply to crimes or events that took place before its passage (3 Words)
10.When a person's faculties are reduced so that his or her ability to see, hear, walk, talk and judge distances is below the normal level
12.Interlacing of one with another
13.To abolish a custom or law by some authoritative, formal, legislative process

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