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Anesthesia 1

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1.Antisedan® – the reversing agent for medetomidine (Domitor®)
4.a valve in the breathing circuit that controls the release of extra gas volume to the exhaust system
6.tall slender hunting dogs with a lean body including afghans, greyhounds, salukis, whippets, etc
7.pain or suffering
9.to check and adjust the settings of a measuring device
12.a drug that produces calmness and depressed mental function (example – acepromazine)
14.a drug formed as the combination of an opiod and a tranquilizer
16.drugs derived from opium (morphine) and chemically related synthetic drugs
19.a pharmacologically induced, controlled, and reversible loss of consciousness with absence of pain sensation (2 Words)
22.a device for measuring low pressures, as in the anesthetic breathing circuit
27.absence of breathing
29.DEA category of controlled substance that have a moderate potential for abuse and dependency, includes ketamine and buprenorphine (2 Words)
30.trance-like state characteristic of cyclohexamine anesthetics (2 Words)
31.an anticholinergic premedication used to prevent bradycardia, reduce salivation, and reduce airway secretions
1.a drug that blocks the effects of acetylcholine and inhibits parasympathetic functions
2.sensation or feeling
3.a chemical mixture used to absorb carbon dioxide from exhaled gases in a rebreathing system (2 Words)
5.decreased pain perception in the internal organs (2 Words)
8.preliminary medications administered prior to the induction of anesthesia
10.minimum alveolar concentration = the concentration of anesthetic gas in the lungs required to produce a surgical plane of anesthesia in 50% of test patients
11.dilation of small blood vessels near the body surface increasing blood flow to those areas (2 Words)
13.part of the anesthesia machine that vaporizes liquid anesthetic into the other flowing gases, usually oxygen
15.a drug that inhibits vomiting
17.a solvent vehicle used for pharmaceutical preparations that are insoluble in water, notably injectable diazepam (2 Words)
18.the portion of the anesthetic circuit that delivers the gas mixture from the anesthesia machine to the patient (2 Words)
20.decreased pain perception in the skin and musculoskeletal structures (2 Words)
21.part of the anesthesia machine that reduces the high pressure of the tank down to a constant 50 psi
23.the tendency of an anesthetic gas to be taken out of the blood and absorbed into muscle and fat
24.a drug that produces calmness without depressed mental function (example – diazepam
25.a valve on the anesthesia machine that sends oxygen directly to the breathing circuit, bypassing the flow meter and vaporizer (2 Words)
26.gas lines with screw fittings that are of a unique size for each gas to serve as a safety feature (2 Words)
28.a recepticle for storing

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