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Heather Giles


1 2 3 4   5  
  6     7
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13 14                     15 16
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44 45
46   47   48
49 50

1.parameter used (when searching claims) to find specific claim types
4.first 4 digits of a professional providers NASCO #
6.command to view check info
8.command used to view pricing info
9.pending status code for auths/referrals
11.our Plan Code
14.provider specialty 07
15.payee code if we pay the member
17.Male Dependent
19.Enrollment Screen that shows age
20.the other NAME for SRPT (2 Words)
22.parameter used with PV to search by address
23.Prompt Pay- if the claim is submitted hardcopy we have to pay within __ ____ of receipt (2 Words)
24.command to search for provider by last name
25.the other option if SRPT will not pull up electronically submitted claims
26.flex screen command
27.ICD9 Class code for Drug Addiction
28.the EEC application
29.Main Frame Application
30.type of service code for Ambulatory Surgery Center
31.command to retrieve purged claims
32.Subscriber eligibility
33.parameter used with PV to search by state
35.application used to load COB
36.non Par Provider
37.Sex/Rel code for male sponsored dependent
38.command used to locate 3HZN on the EM screen
39.Physician (MD or DO)
42.command in EEC that displays NF indicator
43.type this to exit NAPS
44.command used to view message code
46.lists claims showing the primary DX code
47.indirect command (claim) to see provider tier
49.claim type for PPO facility
51.In EEC this displays the DOC# (2 Words)
2.load this portion in HROK (2 Words)
3.pending claim command
5.Sex/rel for female dependent
6.F codes are _______ _______ messages (2 Words)
7.family contract code
10.Prompt Pay- if the claim is submitted electronically we have to pay within __ ____ of receipt (2 Words)
11.type of service code for Anesthesia
12.lists claims, showing all lines submitted
13.PID codes for Managed Care (2 Words)
16.provider specialty AD
17.Male Spouse
18.command in IMAGE if you have the DOC#
19.provider billing address
21.provider type 23
22.search by curr/fed #
25.a ___________ must be used to seperate all criteria
28.used to interpert ICD9 codes
34.Electronic Error Corrections
35.application that allows you to unlock a claim
39.AKA POS 131 in QBlue
40.this is the 14 digit claim #
41.indirect command (claim) to view the patient account #
45.finalized claim command
48.contracted Facility
50.LOI code- response received

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