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  6   7                 8    
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1.medication not protected by a brand name, patent or tradmark (2 Words)
7.a substance that kills cells
8.pro re nata = as needed
11.food and drug administration
12.the time interval between the last administration of a drug to a food animal and the time at which the animal products (milk, meat, blood) are allowed to be obtained for human consumption (2 Words)
15.a substance that works against intestinal worms
16.substance that inhibits a specific action by binding with a particular receptor instead of allowing the agonist to bind the receptor
17.an undesirable and unintentional effect caused by a drug administered at the normal therapeutic dose (2 Words)
21.an easily melted medicated mass for introduction onto the rectum or vagina
22.movement of drugs or chemicals; consists of absorption, distribution, biotransformation and elimination
29.effectiveness; the extent to which a drug causes the intended effects
30.substance that reduces coughing
32.a chemical formed as the result of the biotransformation (metabolism) of a drug
35.the amount of drug that can be detected in tissues at specified times after administration of the drug ceases (2 Words)
36.amount of medication measured
38.an alcoholic or water and alcohol solution
39.a medicinal preparation made from living organisms, such as vaccines and serums
40.substance that produces effect by binding to an appropriate receptor
41.course of treatment
2.use of a drug in a manner other than what is indicated on the drug manufactruers label (3 Words)
3.recommendation not to use
4.over the counter
5.metric unit of weight equal to one one-thousandth of a gram
6.every 12 hours
8.inactive substance that is given for its suggestive effects or substance used as a control in experimental setting
9.a solid dose form containing a medicinal substance mixed in a solid powder such as sugar or starch
10.prescription drugs (2 Words)
13.substance that prevents vomiting
14.bis in die = twice daily
18.oculus dexter = right eye
19.a system of measurement, a person who compounds and dispenses drug; pharmacist
20.auricula sinister = left ear
23.substance that reduces fever
24.an enclosing structure, such as a gelatin container, enclosing a dose of medicine
25.metric unit of weight equal to one one-thousandth of a liter
26.the time that it takes the original concentration of a drug to be reduced by 50% through metabolism and excretion (2 Words)
27.oculi uterque = both eyes
28.drug enforcement agency
31.a blend of two immiscible liquids, one being dispersed throughout the other in small droplets
33.ter in die = three times daily
34.quater in die = four times daily

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